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JUNE 23rd – JUNE 26th (MON. – THURS., 9am – 1pm)


For more info about the camp, click here.

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By checking this box you agree to the terms & conditions of the Voluntary Participation Form Stated Here: VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION FORM In Consideration for allowing:

to participate in the 2014 Templeton Youth Volleyball Clinic, a Templeton Unified fundraiser, I agree to release Templeton Unified School District, its employees, officers, agent, or volunteers from any and all liability associated with my child’s participation in the event(s)

I understand and acknowledge that the game of volleyball by its very nature, poses potential risk of serious injury/illness to participants.

I understand and acknowledge that some of the injuries/illnesses that may result from participating in the clinic include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Sprains/strains 2. Fracturedbones 3.Unconsciousness
4. Head and/or back injuries 5. Paralysis 6.Loss of eyesight 7.Communicable diseases 8. Death

I understand that participation in the clinic is completely voluntary.

I understand and acknowledge that in order to participate in these activities; I agree to assume liability and responsibility for any and all potential risks that may be associated with participation in such activities.

I understand, acknowledge, and agree that the Templeton Unified School District, its employees, agent, or volunteers shall not be liable and I hereby waive, release, and discharge them from future claims, demands, obligations, or causes of action for any injury/illness or property damage suffered by me arising as a result of my participation in the Templeton High volleyball camp/clinic or any activity that is incidental thereto.

By Typing in my name below in the "electronic Signature" field: I acknowledge that I have carefully read this VOLUNTARY ACTIVITIES PARTICIPATION FORM and I understand and agree to its terms. Electronic Signature: Parent or Guardian: By typing in your first and last name you declare that you have read and agree to the terms and conditiond of the Voluntary Participation Form (Above)

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About Us


THS Volleyball is for the youth. We promote teamwork and sportsmanship through the Youth Volleyball Program.

We teach kids to learn the fundamentals of the game and to develop proper mechanics in a fun and supportive athletic environment.

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Please let me know if you have any questions about the program, schedule or other dates or requirements.


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